Evolving Families has a big mission:  To support individuals and families in their personal and collective growth.

Intimate relationships can bring out the very best — and the very worst — in us.  Whether they’re beginning, blossoming, or ending, our connections with others are rich opportunities for personal and interpersonal exploration.

Evolving ourselves and our families is our greatest hope for creating a healthier, happier world.

To move ourselves and our families forward, we often need to overcome stuck-ness.  Break through resistance.  Unravel conflicts and patterns.  Here, a skilled, compassionate facilitator is invaluable.  Someone with experience and objectivity that you know is on your side.

I weave together legal expertise, therapeutic counseling, and mindful presence into a uniquely integrated approach to support you and your family.  I’m passionate about personal growth and conscious relationships, and would love to support you and your family.  Learn more about my credentials and approach.

Divorce doesn’t have to mean devastation.  If you’re facing this major transition, consider mediation: an empowering, respectful process with all the benefits of legal expertise and emotional healing.  Learn more about mediation.

Learn to master the art of parenting.  If you’d like insight and skills to support your parenting, I offer group and private coaching.  Explore yourself, deepen your awareness, and bring out the very best in your child.  Learn more about parent coaching.

What will you do with your one precious life?  If you’re interested in turning within, exploring your inner terrain, and evolving to your highest potential, I’d love to support you.  Learn more about individual counseling.

My greatest wish for you is to enjoy the compassion, spaciousness, and sweetness that conscious relationships can offer.

Have a look around.  Explore the blog.  Drop me a line if you have questions.  I hope what you find here will inspire and empower you.

Together, we can evolve how we parent, how we relate, and how we separate — to create a more conscious, peaceful world.